Friday, September 14, 2018

1951 King Ibn Saud's Custom Six-Door Cadillac "Harem Car"

Silahkan membaca berita terbaru tentang otomotif berjudul 1951 King Ibn Saud's Custom Six-Door Cadillac "Harem Car" di website Batlax Auto.
Another interesting tidbit from Ed --

There were a number of duplicate brochures that I got from the Taylor Vinson collection -- brochures advertising "professional cars" and "police-specific" vehicles.  Plan to show them to my upcoming seminar as examples of niche marketing.  But pecking away on the Internet today looking at history of professional car sites, I ran across this about the coach builder Hess & Eisenhardt out of Cincinnati.  A photo of  one of the then King of Saudi Arabia's "harem cars" is attached. 

Due to shortages of materials and a pent-up demand for new vehicles it was a sellers market immediately following World War II and Hess & Eisenhardt reserved most of their capacity to producing Sayers & Scovill professional cars. However a few 6-door airport limousines were produced, including one large order for twenty custom 1950 and 1951 Cadillac "harem cars". Built for King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, they featured one-way glass that enabled the King's many wives to see out, but not be seen.

Terima kasih karena telah membaca berita tentang, jika berkenan silahkan baca berita lainnya di website kami.
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