Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mio Aerox S goes beyond Unstoppable

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Mio brand just got bigger, just like when you see it in street a small easy to ride 125cc scooter. The arrival of MIO Aerox S 155cc AT model, which is equipped with exclusive stop and start system. Technology that allows you to save fuel on lower emission by turning off your engine when your in idle for 5 seconds.  

Sipping one of the best brewed cappuccino in the metro in Motora Azul 1955 Cafe Lounge at Yamaha Edsa Central main Yzone showroom. While staring at Valentino and some of the great moto memorabilia and models. Makes me feel back into the hardcore speed racetrack home-court advantage pit stop presence again. 

Yesterday, I was talking to an Italian a close friend of Valentino over the phone. Complaining about that his TV race channels was turned off. Because of recent channel network on demand agreement.  Who is based in US, So I said we better get this fix ASAP unless Valentino will be very mad at you. 

Then we both laugh! He told me that he doesn't have access to pit on f1 but in motogp he does because Valentino is just 1 wave or tap away. Too bad he missed it in Sepang over Dovi. When we were both there 2 years ago where more than 95% of the jam-packed crowd was cheering for him. 

Going back to Aerox X unstoppable, Its Smart Motor Generator were use to ignite the engine easily. ABS or anti lock brake system were installed on the front wheel. And the VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) adjusts the fuel intake at certain RPM it allows strong torque at low speed and power at high speed. The smart key system were used for key-less ignition.

Yzone with Robi Domingo served as the host. See videos and social media  contest post via #YamahaBeyondUnstoppable they just gave a lot of prizes. UPEEPZ Hiphop Dance crew did entertained us during the launched to show the ever evolving of Yamaha's creativity in motion beyond unstoppable. 

As added treat for those people who's interested in MIO Aerox S on the spot special event at 10th Ave in Caloocan City on September 29-30, 2018. You may reserve your Aerox S now at with an SRP of 122 900 pesos. We are movers, fearless, doer's, we are mio, we go beyond  unstoppable! 

See the 1 hour facebook live-stream comments here at Yamaha Get Revved last Sept. 19, 2018 (Wednesday) as they unravel something BIG and Beyond UNSTOPPABLE! #YamahaBeyondUnstoppable #YamahaPH 

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