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Seagate Security Forum - Safe City Best Pactices

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Last week at Fairmont Makati City, Philippines. Seagate gathers key Government agencies such as MMDA, DILG, Industry Experts and Partners like Axis, Synology, Dahua and CP Plus. To enable technology and briefly discuss safe city best practices around the globe. They showed several cyber attacked in the world and safety measures on how to prevent it. 

Imagine public places such as public roads, airports, private businesses are being monitored by CCTV. It will make you feel safer and protected from any harm. Also being used for immediate emergency and calamity response integrated with various emergency response team and government agencies.
DILG Secretary Bernardo Florece Jr., shows the slide of the State safety and security case in the Philippines in the last 4 years from 2013 to 2016 as it periodically yearly increasing. Citing that several new hi tech crime rates such as online fraud, identity theft and child pornography.

He also cited that Philippines is ranked #55 among 60 Top safe city index in the world as of 2017. #1 is Tokyo and then #2 is Singapore. The Philippines in behind neighboring cities. Also cited Singapore hospital medical records scandal cyber attack.

MMDA Task Force Commander Bong Nebrija of MMDA together with the host James Deakin talks about Kamote Driver and Rider. On how technology can be used to monitor and apprehend those traffic violator. With so many on going traffic violations I think nobody can escape CCTV video rich or poor motorist. 

This is a very serious talk since a lot of disputes between motorist and law enforcement were happening in every street of Manila every minute. Not only in Manila but in the entire country as law were implemented. 

They looking for advances system that can highlight problem in real time. For example camera that can detect a real time incident. So the team can alert nearest emergency response team. CCTV cams with out proper coordination with PNP, MMDA or Ambulance can be useless if not being utilized effectively.  

Seagate also discussed Safe city best practices in the hotel, resorts, financial and banking industry. Security and safety for better economy as cyber CCTV integrated solution technology supports public safety. Where face recognition is useful to detect criminals.  Seagate 14tb storage can support up to 64 hd cameras, minimize drop frame, reduce downtime and also 4k ready.  

Security Forum - Safe City Best Practice Panel Discussion with MMDA, DILG and Seagate Tech Executives. To deliver safer City via CCTV with integrated technology for immediate security and calamity response. Also insights to prevent cyber crimes and online fraud. 

Also best encrypted secured equipment used for better decision making in implementing safe cities around the globe. Danny Lim - Seagate executive discussed a car that driving itself example running you have drive car 120 km/h immediate process all the data in real time. 

You cant rely on your netbook to monitor adjustments to either if it will turn left or right. It need processing distributed to edge infrastructure. In order to cater storage process. Right now Industry player adding intelligence to edge infrastructure to capture, filter and sense this kind of movement. 
Data filtering centralize learn, maintain and train for a long time. All data will be store in every layer. Data security it depends in level or motion or between motion or at rest of what extent. Big data analysis it can be subject to issues or it can be subjected to sabotage to data retirement. Life cycle of solution data protection must. 

Surveillance world evolving requirement of data storage change. So many data storage, so you can focus on management. Innovate to push to continue to work on to deliver high capacity optimization. System level to software layer partner with panelist like Dahua and Synology. Also to preserve data. 

All data must be stored. System integration calling alert manually AI integration gov matter funding AI cameras evolving safe city data application. to recognize kamote riders or drivers  to monitor apprehensionsCollaboration is be the best key for safer cities. 

We need to understand and take advantage tech storage that will serve as more scale-able. We are behind when it come to these technology, But we need to start reducing cost by investing in this storage and security devices. For better decision making for adopting next generation best practices from top safe  cities around the world.

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