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TMS Timeless Fashion Care Washing Style

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Lately I've been engaged in several sport fashion trendsfashion events and fashion business tech start up. In our daily life washing is involved and it plays a crucial role - So as far as tech motor sport blog talks concern is involve. Washing machines got a main part called an engine or motor technology use on a typical front load or top load washer essential for home and commercial laundry daily use. 

Ether you use it for commercial business or personal use you must know how to do it by yourself. If you noticed in Metro Manila almost in every street or building you will find a laundry shop. Think about the need of good quality washing machine in every home. So washing machines play a major key in our daily life. In short its an everyday need in the clothing basic need approach.

So we need to make sure we've got the knowledge on how to use it properly. Like the ideal water, soap, time and fabric softener amount. Knowing the fabric structure, separation of colors,  or a simple tip of checking all pockets or remove the coins before washing. Also the how to or the know how to operate the machine to achieve its ideal result. 
I admit most of the time I did use commercial laundry. But for delicate clothes like the corporate or some of my signature clothes. I need to do it by myself, because if something happens I couldn't blame the laundry shop worker. It happens several times in different laundry shop. I am not happy or satisfy with the quality result of the said laundry the nth times. 

The worst is that the careless laundry output result to a minor damage to some of my clothes. Fading colors, not crystal clear white, smelly, broken threads and bruise named it. As far as basic troubleshooting washing machine usage or handyman work is concern. 

As a fan of technology I admire company like Electrolux who've got the vision of putting that technology in fashion into the next level. Like Elon vision's of  Mars travel, cheap or free internet, sustainable energy and electric car now I can sense with that applicable industry. As the brand carry the Baton into the next level of excellence. To solve the need of the public beyond home appliance innovation. 

Like its revolutionary EcoInverter gives you a reliable performance that is quiet, with less vibration para smooth swabe lang ang paglaba ng walang unnecessary machine roto machine foul noise. Which is backed by a 10 year warranty on the motor for long lasting guaranteed sustainable usage. You'll enjoy to use as an advocate for green sustainability living. 

It reduce energy consumption by 75% while guaranteeing silent operation and long lasting performance. Its load sensor display the actual laundry weight to be precise. So parang waze app lng diba? You know exactly where the flow of heavy traffic is as well as proper guidance. 

Here the actual exact electronic load and not by laundry basket or mata kilo meter. As you defy the physics of water liquid, solid clothes, chemical detergent effect and air pressure as the washer does its scientific calculated magic. 

As it illuminates allergen of up to 99.9% with its vapour care feature specifically design for you family health. Its just a complete package that silently cares about environment and humanity. Our dress play a large part of our daily life. In corporate world roller coaster ride, it will served as the benchmark of all current and future business deal well-put-together. 

I remember Harvey Specter of Suit advised his prodigal not so legal associate Mike Ross. About his coat and recommends his suit maker tie designer as he care about his fashion image. A funny humorous sarcasm that he doesn't like your ego or style. But the way you must dress as a mini me protege reflection. 

That Mike must represent a mini Harvey a profile of high performance corporate raider. Suitable into a highly competitive performance base value business world.

I like racing and sports. I could imagine how those sensitive cool outfit can easily fade. And those with delicate fabric can be damage if not taken care properly. So that old clothing can still look new if you use the ultramix system of Electrolux. A system that premixes and dissolves detergent to deliver deeper clean with 31% less color fading after 52 washes.
Someday I like to dress like a New Yorker corporate raider like Harvey the Wolf of Wall street best closer or business negotiator. Sometime I wanna be dressed up like some of those Race, NBA or Golf world champions. And then look good when promote those events in Radio, TV and blog events. 

Or just simply enjoy travelling around the world with those iconic and stylish clothes. Its just the lifestyle that I want to become. Before the Gangnam style billion views I like to dressed up like those cool funny corporate business peeps. 

It feels good that you achieve something like those Hollywood look a like flashy clothes and inspire with glorious moments. Before it sinks in my mind then I applied it into daily reality. Like those I've saw in cable TV or famous film, even just a part of it eventually will became a living lifestyle. 

So those designers clothes come with a price. I still need to protect it at all times to make it worth it specially for those people, brands and company who've trusted me. So players put your kinky hands to the moon because I Dress like a Champ - the face of the world timeless Fashion Care with Electrolux.  

Appliance brand that supports fashion care, a big help to achieve that best dressing looks. Its just a matter or proper laba labada ni Mr. Bald Clean. Confidence you can carry anywhere, because of that best clothes best style, color and attractive looks. 

Personal image outfit that you like to represent, That you will carry on and put a smile on your face. #ElectroluxFashionCare #TimelessStyle will remove the worry of faded mix colours including white. With again with the ultramix technology that delivers a deep clean without compromising the fabric, silk or linen quality even at 30 degrees C. 
Clothes will still look new and vibrant because of that ultramix technology. That premixes the water and softener before they reach the laundry. Twice as good softener than a regular standard washing machine. With electrolux vapour refresh program, you may save time and energy from ironing as you get wrinkle free clothing. 

Leaving it looking new and smelling fresh.  As its steam care features reduce the need of ironing. So guy like me who likes Ironman but doesn't like ironing the clothes will became a good partner. For easing the burden of fine clothes or suit preparation for sharper look personality. Less plantsa means more time for me to maximize the resources in doing other stuff.

As I'm always for exciting events, office and sporty ready outfit of our lifetime. So are we ready for the great ramp like the Victoria secret fashion show maybe? Holidays is fast approaching and this is one of the best fashion care investment that you can take advantage of for home personal or commercial business use. Visit to see promos and discounts. 

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