Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Its called a Better Place ‪#‎WhenCreatorsRuletheWorld‬

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To answer the question: What will it look like when creators rule the world? For me, Its called a better place #‎whencreatorsruletheworld‬ and here's the reason why. Let me give you 5 sites example facebook, twitter, instagram, amazon, waze and alibaba dot com. First is that let me ask you a question why people go to these sites everyday? or even every hour?  

It just a simple analogy we enjoy it, going to these sites can give us more convenience. They a smile to our face and add up value to the market place. I'll give you an example with regards to my 2 sisters are in US and Canada. Im from Manila and my Parents is in Negros and my brother is in Cebu. The only way we communicate is via group chat in facebook. We shared photos with family even we have separate group chats with the clan and family. 

So we wont spend on telco cost anymore for long distance call. Because internet is cheap, fast or free. Another thing is that I have a day job aside from being a blogger. We also form a group chat in facebook about our office and extra activities. We even inform our boss and colleges that somebody will be late or absent. We even  exercise to share our personal life and likes aside from work.

To add up, I also have separate group in blogging community, sports and business community. Where we share projects and tips on how to resolve a certain issue or problem. We can do conference call and even do financial transactions. The last time I was in F1 paddock, I really admire the person who develop the timing chip app.

Which is aside from live view of the race, large screens. I can also see them in  my tablet dots. Which is beneficial for millions of motorsport fans around the globe. Even applicable in any different Motorsport category. It doesn't matter is the fans pay for the premium as long as it makes us all happy and satisfy that passion juice.

I also experience the Fifa world cup and I would say that viewing from the stadium would be more outstanding. If I have those same app on my hand, same with the motorsport app. And I think the creator of that certain site and app will be a hero again for millions of football fan around the world. Connecting the dots of those relevant information that would excite the baller crowed.

They already did these with some NFL teams, but the world is constant changing and the demands is increasing that needs to be satisfy from 1.0, 2.0 and son on version. Like in Boxing/MMA pay per view, which cost $50-100 can also be sold in poor countries or communities for $1 or even free with the use of sponsored ads, delayed telecast or commercial break.  

Applied these to every industry, solve that problem or add spice to that feeling. For sure that creation will be so delicious. Its not in every site actually, when contest is the King. I remember I was looking for a motorcycle brand. I came to see this video, I has text, graphics and animation. 

I came to a conclusion that this video really sells. And can communicate to the public as no brainer, lets say that the buyer is just a gradeshool. They way it was explained via road, accident, weather so on and so forth. You can actually relate as a daily commuter, it is for real. Its not always sugarcoating or flattering words. Just for the sake of publicity stunt and I credit that creator for a job well crafted and done. 

In these internet age creators awesomeness need to always be up to date else you will be like multiply, friendster, nokia, espn or kodak that was so cool before and was out or slowly going down today. Because of creators creative innovation and adaptability to change over time. So for better or worst Creators can rule or die in this competitive fast changing millennial dominated world.

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