Thursday, March 7, 2019

American Sports Car Culture in the Early 1950s

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Consistently over the past few years my most popular blog post has been one on "Sports Cars." Consequently, after a period of fits and starts with topics, I have settled on post-WWII sports cars as my next scholarly endeavor. In starting out, I have done a search of the periodical literature, and some other textual and film sources. I found one particularly interesting newspaper article that has been both amusing and informative: Gilbert Millstein's "Sports-Car Society: The Ranking Knight of the Road is a Goggled Ad man in a Blower Bentley." I wanted to share some of the contents with you.

Millstein is big on the use of "types" in his analysis, an approach I am not terribly fond of. He breaks down the sports car set into various types, but categories get muddled over the course of this essay.

The sports-car type is one or more of the following:

1) All have wind and rain in their air.
2) They have goshawks in their eyes -- I have no clear idea what that means! -- perhaps the eyes of a raptor or falcon?
3) Stringed driving gloves.
4) A subscription to a British Motoring Magazine.
5) They call a foreign car a bomb of a bolide -- meteor.

These people drove their cars solely for pleasure.

Almost invariably, their residence or locus of activity are in discrete geographical areas:
Fairfield County, CT.
New York-Boston-Philadelphia
San Francisco or LA
Chicago Land or Milwaukee

Amusingly, Millstein remarks that "Money helps but is no guarantee of status." And "the majority of sports car people spend more than they have."

"They are eager to propagate the true faith; on the other, they are depressed at the prospect of losing coterie standing and complain that the highways are now twelve-deep in MGs and 8 deep in Jags."

This is an interesting photo from the early 1950s. In an attempt to redefine self, not the sports-car conformity that followed!

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