Sunday, July 7, 2019

Two Kinds of Moms: Subaru Moms and Range Rover Moms

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From Ed!

Study: Ann Arbor Has Most Subarus with Hillary Bumper Stickers Attached.
ANN ARBOR — With the 2016 presidential election nearing its third anniversary, a recent study from the University of Michigan has revealed that Ann Arbor is home to America’s highest concentration of Subarus featuring bumper stickers supporting Hillary Clinton, the losing candidate of the 2016 presidential race.
In a press conference, researchers expressed little surprise at the results after having lived in Ann Arbor for at least a few years. 
“This wasn’t a shock whatsoever,” said University of Michigan professor of anthropology, Dr. Taylor Sikura. “Ann Arbor has that perfect blend of liberal ideology and wealth, creating a sort of lukewarm support of socialist policies that wouldn’t genuinely disrupt an upper-middle-class lifestyle. So, you get a lot of people feeling guilty enough to vote Democrat, but not guilty enough to vote Bernie Sanders and actually have their wealth redistributed. And Subarus are just good in the weather up here, I guess.”
Ann Arbor voted overwhelmingly for Clinton over rival candidate President Donald Trump, and has a historical reputation for liberalism. And Midwest weather is indeed challenging, with Washtenaw County receiving on average of 57 inches of snowfall a year. But not all residents are convinced Dr. Sikura is correct in her analysis.
According to local Ann Arbor middle school student Robin Norell, the Clinton-Subaru phenomenon is socially motivated.
“There’s two kinds of moms: Subaru moms and Range Rover moms,” said Norell, referencing the two car brands popular in Ann Arbor. “My mom has a Range Rover, and like, she wears Lululemon shirts and drinks smoothies with her friends and stuff. But Carson’s mom has a Subaru and only eats organic stuff from the farmers market and wears flowy pants.
“They both like Hillary Clinton, only my mom’s friends don’t have the sticker on their car either, so she says it would look weird, and Carson says his mom really wants everyone to know their family didn’t vote for Trump.”
Whatever the reason, Ann Arbor residents seem proud of their ongoing reputation for progressive politics and winter survival skills.
“I don’t really care what people think about me, as long as they know I’m a Hillary woman,” said local resident Jamie Bondra. “That’s why I got the Subaru. It’s not that nice to look at, but it’s low maintenance and gets the job done.”

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