Monday, March 1, 2021

The "Forward Look"

Silahkan membaca berita terbaru tentang otomotif berjudul The "Forward Look" di website Batlax Auto.

 I paid scant attention to Virgil Exner and the "Forward Look" in my The Automobile and American Life. Perhaps it was and subconscious, the result of my family's bad experience with a 1958 Plymouth. Today I saw the above photograph on Facebook, and its impression hit me square between the eyes! 

 This photograph is a work of art, given its use of depth-of-field.  More significantly, both the car and the woman model are works of art. With the car, note the the sweep of the bumper and its continuity with the rear of the quarter pane. And then there is the exhaust tip - a unique creation so beautifully shaped. The three stop lights possess a fine and delicate inner structure of concentric circles.Indeed, the entire light structure is a piece of jewelry. And at the peak of the fin a gentle line takes us down towards the fuel filler and marque emblem. Automotive design at its best.

And then we have a most elegant woman fitting of standing next to a car with luscious shapes and dramatic contrasts. Glamour and class at its best.

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